I’ve taken a hiatus. Yes, it’s true. Between camping and back to school and harvest season and a lingering, still lingering case of PPD this blog got neglected.

But I’m back! With a name change! I will always focus on cheap, easy, healthy, yummy food, but that name was just too long for social media. So now we are No Thyme for That, because ain’t nobody got thyme for b.s. Just good, simple, nom nom food.

Here’s what we’ve been eating around here (haven’t stopped that meal planning!):

Sunday (August 25): BBQ Hamburgers
Monday: Ground turkey casserole
Tuesday: Out with extended family
Wednesday: Barbecue with extended family
Thursday: Sandwiches (cos sometimes you don’t wanna cook)
Friday: Frito pie (camping)
Saturday: Weenie roast (camping)

Sunday (September 1): Out with extended family
Monday: BBQ Hamburgers
Tuesday: Beef stroganoff with extended family
Wednesday: Homemade slow cooker clam chowder
Thursday: Leftover clam chowder
Friday: Crockpot Carribean chicken and Carribean roasted sweet potatoes
Saturday: Beef and veggie casserole

See what I mean about busy times?
Here’s what we’re having for dinner this week:

Sunday: Out with friends
Monday: Asian marinated chicken and stir fried veggies
Tuesday: Crockpot chili (recipe coming later!)
Wednesday: Leftover crockpot chili
Thursday: BBQ Hamburgers (we’ll see if the weather holds out – this will be the last barbecue of the year!)
Friday: Rotisserie chicken (I got a groupon type deal from Olympia Local Foods
Saturday: Southwest meatloaf and sweet potatoes

What’s on your plate this week?


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