Menu for August 4-10

We’re going camping next week, which brings a certain expectation of weinee roasts and s’mores. But. Just learned that there’s a statewide burn ban in effect, which extends to campfires (even in pits!) and charcoal fires at all campgrounds. Well, shit. There goes about a third of what we had planned to do while out! In any case, a revision to our meal plan was in order. Thankfully we have a propane stove, and we’re staying at a cabin with a microwave (so we’re not really roughing it, per se), so our meal plans have been adjusted just fine. A dinner salad while camping? Whatever works, I guess.

This week, I’m also using up some boxed meals I have laying around. So these enchiladas, jambalaya, and picadillo? Yeah, not so much homemade.

Here we go –

Sunday: Chicken enchiladas
Monday: Chicken Chef Salad
Tuesday: Chili and cornbread
Wednesday: Out
Thursday: Jambalaya
Friday: Santa Fe Chicken
Saturday: Piccadillo


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